WebXL is the only solution that is needed to get a business growing and prevent loss of customers.
A Business will not grow if it cannot retain its customers. The cost of customers┬┤ acquisition vs customers┬┤ retention is over 800%
Businesses that boosted customer retention rates by as little as 5% saw increases in their profit margin by up to a whopping 95%
Are you WebXL ready?
The key is to capture your customer base under our platform, helping you visualize and drive your business along a successful trajectory.
Being WebXL ready is having an arsenal of tools that we will fully customize and support for you. Tools that you need in order to make your business successful. The only thing we need is your authorization for us to roll out a systematic strategy starting with an online portal with fully secure online credit card processing, supported by a complete e-marketing campaign that will include geo blvd-cross marketing, email campaigns and a customer loyalty program among many other features that together will set you apart from all your competitors without breaking the bank.
What is Customer Retention?

Customers make a business prosper. There are many ways to reach a customer, but the issue is often "at what cost." When the cost of customer acquisition results in losses, it becomes impossible for the business to continue, unless it uses additional means to retain the customers for future promotion and marketing.
Who uses a Customer Retention Program?

Businesses have used various methods of retaining customers over the past decades. They were often expensive, but there are countless examples of small businesses growing their customer base, and then seeing enormous growth for that business.
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