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Shop . Earn . Save

When shopping on line, or doing business at our Local Marketplace, members will be conducting business directly with the merchant.
Through advanced technology, XtraPlan tracks member spending to identify cash rebates.
Funds will be directly deposited to members´ eBank accounts, located at the Member´s Portal.
The member selects where the funds should be transferred, whether to a Debit Card, or an Investment Account, or a check
Membership in the XtraPlan Consumer Program is completely free.


Member Benefits
After registration, Members have instant access to a
national, on-line XtraPan Mall, and XtraPlan Local Marketplace.
Members will receive cash back from thousands
of participating businesses:
         National retailers 
         Local merchants and businesses 
         Millions of products and services 
         Over 20 thousands restaurants nation wide 
         Thousands of hotels, resorts, airlines, car rentals


Members will have access to special offers and multiple services
not available to the general public.


Consumer Referral Program


XtraPlan´s Consumer Referral Program is a system designed to accelerate member nest egg growth, earning 4% of the total contributions paid out to new members, simply by referring others to the XtraPlan Membership Program.






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