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XtraPlan, Inc. Announces the Opening of its Corporate Office
BOCA RATON, Florida, February 14, 2013
XtraPlan, Inc. (the "Company”) which offers proprietary programs for both small businesses and consumers, today announced the formal opening of its corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida.
The offices, located at 2385 NW Executive Center Drive, is Class A office space in one of Boca Raton´s most prestigious office buildings. The Company´s offices also host several of the Company´s strategic partners, including providers of an exclusive virtual shopping mall as well as eMerchantPay Ltd., a leading international processor of credit and debit card transactions, with offices in Iceland, Europe, and United Kingdom, as well as in the United States.
In describing the offices, Mr. Kuba Farbiarz, the Company´s Chief Executive Officer, stated that "these new offices will provide the Company with the space it needs for its development, training, marketing and operational activities.” Mr. Farbiarz went on to explain that "as we expand our activities to an ever broadening area, we expect to add regional offices as necessary to fit our growing needs.”
The offices are being utilized and supported cooperatively by the Company and its strategic partners, and are being leased through December 14, 2015,
About XtraPlan, Inc.
XtraPlan, Inc. ("XP” or the "Company”), is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and has established and provides proprietary programs for both consumers and small businesses. The Company´s Small Business Growth Program provides businesses with the tools and programs by which they can find new customers, retain current customers, and stimulate additional revenue and income. The Consumer program which complements the Small Business Growth Program, enables consumers to benefit from cash contributions made by more than 1,000 national, on-line, regional, and local retailers and merchants, deposited directly into the consumer´s own and exclusive retirement account, nest egg account savings, debit card, credit card, or to receive a check for those benefits, as earned through Consumers shopping through an on-line shopping mall and local shopping markets. For more information about XtraPlan, Inc., please visit
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XtraPlan, Inc.

Investor Relations

Richmond, Virginia, December 10, 2012 

Richmond, VA.--The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced it will level the playing field for businesses large and small through a new service it plans to offer called
The chamber will be the first in the country to offer its membership Xtraplan´s broad technology platform designed to help small businesses survive and flourish even in the face of difficult economic conditions.
The chamber said it will now provide a broad array of many of the same technological tools that until now only the largest corporations could afford to deploy. The tools available through XtraPlan include eCommerce sites, loyalty programs, shopping carts, surveys and other resources with special emphasis on assisting the Hispanic business community.
While the average local Chamber of Commerce is inherently a social organization that brings the business community together, we´re going to ratchet up our services to members many notches,” said Michel Zajur, President and CEO of VHCC.
"While chambers mostly spend their time arranging breakfasts and luncheons for a business-to-business exchanges, today´s tough times call for stronger, more relevant and substantive measures,” he said.
Besides the typical discounts to business services and at local stores, savings on UPS shipping and job listings, "we´re going to provide services that are much more practical that will help our members compete with even the largest companies,” he added.
Connecting to the growing Hispanic community is vital in today´s global society, but just as important is technology. Through dynamic networking, procurement, and showcasing business opportunities, the Virginia Hispanic Chamber is a true connection to the Latino community, which soon will reach 25% of the national population. Xtraplan costs the chamber nothing to offer tomembers free and to businesses at a nominal fee, with doing all the work.
Basically what does is solve two of the most pressing problems our economy is facing today: 1) the lack of individual savings and 2)small businesses lacking the technological toolsto compete that large business have to help the smallest business tosurvive andprosper.

For individual members, XtraPlanis totally free and for every purchase at any one of thousands of participating merchants, like Home Depot, a percentage of the purchase (from 2% to 20%)is automatically contributed into the individual´s investment savings account. There is no charge for this service and it will be offeredby the chamber for free as a benefit of membership. The chamber will offer additionally the full array of technological services to small businesses at a cost of only $49.95 a month, which XtrayPlan provides and operates.




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