Home Repairs

XtraPlan provides services for Home Repair businesses that you won´t find anywhere else. Utilizing XtraPlan´s around the clock marketing machine, you will be provided with a team of professionals that will make managing and increasing your customer base simple and effective.

We provide your Home Repair business the ability to:



Gather Customer Information

By placing a QR code on your services menu, you can offer instant discounts as an incentive, allowing you to capture customer data.

Send Coupons to Your Customers

Send coupons to 20,000 people in your market area, offering discounts to drive people into your establishment, continuing to gather data.

Get Customer Feedback

Use scientifically designed surveys to find out what your customers want and need.

Sell online 24 Hours a day

Sell services 24 hours a day right from the convenience of your online platform.

Offer Free estimates

Increase your client base by offering free estimates from you website.

Your service in their hands

Offer coupons through Geo Blvd to bring people to your services.