The Beginning of XtraPlan

In 2012, XtraPlan Inc. merged into a public company, which was established in 1999 in Nevada. It is currently based in Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton is the Company´s international headquarters, and hosts all development, training, marketing and operational activities, as well as providing the base for XtraPlan´s international card processing partners and Account Executive support team.

The Company´s proprietary programs and protocols XtraPlan provide key services through an international network of dedicated Account Executives, and is affiliated with banks, debit card issuers, and other financial institutions offering a comprehensive and cohesive network that optimizes the business merchants and individual consumers experience.

Integrating Customers and Merchants

XtraPlan works with various Chambers of Commerce, non-profit and for profit organizations in an effort to reach out and offer assistance and solutions to small businesses endeavoring to maintain and grow a presence in a highly competitive marketplace.

The individual consumer is a pivotal part of this successful equation, therefore, XtraPlan integrates services and provides programs to the individual consumer, as well, so that both the business merchant and consumer can engage in a mutually beneficial retail relationship.


How We Do It

Start getting the same advantages as large corporations by getting XtraPlan

XtraPlan´s programs for Small Businesses include innovations in e-communications, e-commerce, consumer satisfaction surveys, loyalty and reward programs, and local shopping markets.

To ensure the dynamic of this merger between the buyer and the seller, the company has contractual alliances with a broad array of service providers that assure 24/7 access to all programs, in conjunction with international redundancy support.

XtraPlan has entered into an agreement with eMerchantPay Corporation for the provision of credit and debit card payment services to XtraPlan merchants. eMerchantPay Corporation is part of the international eMerchantPay group of companies (www.emerchantpay.com)