We Capture


This crucial step will help you to retain your clients and drive your business onto a successful trajectory.


Most small businesses lack a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

With XtraPlan, you will be able to completely monitor your customer base, 

and learn buying patterns and trends.

This is a crucial tool for your business!

XtraPlan´s customer acquisition tools will allow you to capture your clients' information,

creating a powerful customer database, including potential clients' information, all stored for future communication.

The XtraPlan proprietary system provides a CRM, which enables you to capture your customers' data, grow and monitor your customer base, and learn about purchasing patterns and trends

Geo Boulevard exhibits your business on a virtual mall. Your business is exposed to thousands of local customers which can buy your products and subscribe to your newsletter for future sales and promotions. Geo Boulevard allows you to grow your customer base and to re-target your existing customers

By simply scanning your dedicated business QR code with a smart device, your customers not only can get valuable discounts, coupons, sales and promotions from your business, but can also subscribe to your newsletter. That's a smart way to promote your business and grow your customer base 



Capturing customer data is made easy thanks to XtraPlan's proprietary system. Whether customers sign up for your business newsletter, inquire about a product on your contact page or make a purchase in you online store, you can rapidly grow your customer base 24/7.


XtraPlan places your hottest products and services on Geo Blvd. After quick registeration through Facebook or by a short form, your clients receive coupons with attractive offers which they can immediately redeem online or at the store. At the same time, you build your customer base. In addition, clients can automatically receive special gifts from your business on their birthday month simply by providing their date of birth at registraion. Communicating with your clients on a personal level will help you to keep them coming back! 


By using your business QR code (quick response scanable barcode), customers can share information about you and your products with their friends who are outside the range of Geo Blvd. This way you get to rapidly expand your customer base through a word of mouth.

How many customers can a business afford to lose?


You can´t build a business if you can´t retain your customers. Building a business is all about building a customer base. Customer acquisition can be expensive but with XtraPlan you don't have to worry about it.



Simple, useful, and powerful. XtraPlan platform is what your business needs.