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Getting noticed is critical!


Building a suite of digital marketing tools is not the end of the story!

We know what your business needs, and our proven platform will get your business noticed.

We provide you with complete e-mail, coupon and Facebook campaings as well as a customer loyalty program.

You´ll become a part of our cross marketing platform,  and be able to advertise special promotions, digital offers and more!

Geo Blvd is without a doubt the app that you need!

Our automatic notification system sends alerts about special promotions

to Geo Blvd´s users in the area of your business, generating new sales and foot traffic to your company.

We don't only create weekly email campaigns to keep your customers up to date with your offers, we also create the Groupon-style coupon campaigns targeting new clients in your local area. This tool enables your business to engage with new customers in your online store and brick and mortar location

With our well designed mobile optimized e-shop, we provide your business with the technology that allows your customers to securely buy your products on their mobile devices with just a few clicks. You can push products and promote instant discounts targeting mobile users

Since customer retention is a key to your business success, our loyalty program's goal is to help you to manage your consumer relations and retentions. You have direct access to all your current customers and can re-target them at the click of a button so your customers can keep coming back to your business

We promote your business on Geo Boulevard, a virtual online mall. Geo Boulevard gives consumers within a 4 mile radius a direct access to your products and services. Geo Boulevard provides your business with the opportunity to showcase any promotions, coupon campaigns, special sales and more, so that local customers who are looking for bargains will be targeted and be directed to your business



XtraPlan re-targets your existing customers by sending weekly e-mail campaigns to increase sales, build your brand, and customer loyalty.


Twice a month, XtraPlan creates and sends mailing campaigns with discount coupons to thousands of customers in the area of your business.


Through campaigns on Facebook, XtraPlan increases traffic to Geo Blvd where local companies offer promotional coupons and discounts on their products and services.


We promote your company and its offers to new clients by cooperating with other merchants, using Cross-marketing on Geo Blvd.


There is no better way than enganging with your customers on a personal level. Sending your customers special gifts on their birthdays on Geo Blvd or by email or simply rewarding them with additional discount when they come back to your shop will go a long way, and will help you not only improve your interactions with your clients, but will also allow you to keep your customers closer, which translates into more sales! and it's all made automatic for your convenience.

The cost of customer acquisition vs customer retention could reach 700%


 Once we have built your digital components and captured your clients , we will deploy a complete digital marketing campaign utilizing several tools to reach your current customer base and potential new customers.



Simple, useful, and powerful. XtraPlan platform is what your business needs.