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See How XtraPlan Compares

There is no company like XtraPlan that allows you to bundle all the services you need in order to have business success with one service provider.

XtraPlan bundles multiple components in order to give you one affordable monthly fee and the convenience of one service provider.

XtraPlan includes:

E-commerce Solution

Customer Surveys (sent 4x per year)

E-mail Marketing (sent bi-weekly)

Coupon Listing



Building your XtraPlan suite of services

blogging-336376Having a website does not constitute an e-commerce platform; and in fact, having an e-commerce platform will not generate results without traffic.
XtraPlan suite of services will improve your business performance. We are not just a website builder, and we don’t let you do it yourself. In fact, our main focus is to create a network where you can promote your services or products, understand who your clients are, obtain feedback, understand their needs, target them and find multiple ways to maintain a constant communication with them. We build and customize for your business a suite of proprietary components that will generate the results that you need to grow your customer base and grow your business.
That is why XtraPlan is the business solution that will retain your customers and drive them to your e-commerce site by simply switching on our services.
At no cost to your business, a XtraPlan business consultant will tailor our suite of services, as utilized by large corporations, enabling you to compete at their level.
And for ongoing services our business consultant will daily operate all your active utilities. Constantly maintaining and updating your e-commerce platform, collecting customer data, executing email campaigns, promoting key products, tracking traffic and will even survey the business customers for their satisfaction, and much more… for less than a daily cup of coffee.
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